4/30/16 - Farewell April

Well April was certainly an interesting run, let us welcome May. More strangeness, absurdity, obscurity and dedications to those who remain unfit. Possible prayers and praises to the beautiful in their own right and those who own their scars (both physical and mental) with a sense of entitlement; righteously and rightfully so. Push away the staged and welcome the real, May flowers shall bloom. 

4/25/16 - Anywhere and Everywhere

Envy in the lack of attachment. The price to be paid to clear one's head is one that none can afford. Put this forth, a challenge of sort. The first individual to their own alternate reality...wins. On your mark. Get set.....

4/21/16 - I wander therefore, I am

There was a point in time where I explained myself clearly. I expressed my concerns, asked the appropriate questions, and gave away the answers; now we're here and back again. This moment in time where you and I both knew we'd arrive to at one point or another. So here we go, yet again. I stand, staring in your direction faced by a similar image this uncanny reflection. Let us collide, slowly.

4/18/16 - All the Little Places We Go

4/12/16 - Portraits of B

4/11 - Beach Minimalism

4/9/16 - To Those Which Are Owed

4/4/2016 - Urban Portraiture

This was such a strange turn of events. A flash of light and it seems like all of this was created over night.